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At Central Construction, we are equipped to handle the needs of your dredging project for any range of waterways including ponds, lakes, canals, marinas, and more. Our hydraulic and mechanical dredging services will help you to maintain control over weeds or sediment that is problematic.


Let our unmatched in-house expertise go to work for you for any of the following types of dredging needs:

• Canal, Waterway, & Pond Dredging

• Excavation & Land Clearing

• Canal Bank Restoration

• Levee & Marine Construction

• Tree Cutting & Marsh Creation

• Beach Nourishment

• Debris Removal


Seawalls and Docks

We offer inspection and a full range of installation, maintenance, and repair services for your seawall, dock or boat lift.


Our services include:


• Seawalls

• Marinas

• Pilings

• Docks

• Helical Tie Back Placement

• Support Pile Placement

• Cap Replacement or Patching

• Standard Tie Back Installation

• French Drain Installation & Maintenance

• Seam Repair


Industrial Ponds

Wastewater ponds are essential for the processing of nutrient-rich effluent wastes of civilization and agricultural stock. The complex series of interactions in these ponds play an important part in the successful degradation of wastes.


Central Construction Corporation can work with you to identify your needs, plan your project, and build your wastewater pond to meet your specifications.


Underwater Piplines

Our diverse experience in marine construction includes capabilities to inspect, install, and setup underwater pipelines for industries such as for oil & gas companies. We are able to quickly and cost-effectively deploy the right team for your underwater pipeline construction project.


Some underwater pipeline projects we can support are:


• Nuclear station intakes

• Hydro power stations

• Mills

• Power plant intakes & outfalls

• Anode installations








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